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GovTech’s Community Development Efforts

We are excited to engage with the wider developer ecosystem as we continue to build and refine digital products. We believe that our goal – to build better products for the public good – can be achieved only through meaningful collaboration with the developer community.

We see co-creation with the community as essential because innovation can happen anywhere; no single organisation or developer will have a monopoly on great ideas and inventions.

You can join us in our efforts through several channels: 

  1. Our STACK-X Community provides a platform for technology enthusiasts to exchange technical expertise. There are also opportunities to explore how digital products can improve the lives of Singaporeans.

  2. Leverage open-source technologies to co-create digital products with us. 

  3. Learn to use cutting-edge technologies and practices by reading our product teams’ Medium blogs.

  4. You can also find other collaboration opportunities with us:

    • Find gigs of your interest via GovBuy, a government-run gig platform.

    • Volunteer and ideate with us as we continue to combat the COVID-19 pandemic through digital technology.

    • Join us at Tech Hunt events, to learn more about GovTech’s work and career opportunities.

STACK-X Meetups

The STACK-X Meetups community warmly welcomes anyone who is passionate about using technology to improve the lives of Singaporeans.


Explore upcoming events for developers and technologists to learn from each other and share their experiences as well as opportunities for collaboration.


Stay ahead of it all with our updates on GCC (Government Commercial Cloud) and SGTS (Singapore Government Tech Stack) in WOG development and more.

Open-source Technologies

Developers and businesses can access and leverage on the various technologies and tools that Government agencies have open-sourced.

Developer Blogs

Read about the innovations of GovTech’s teams!

COVID-19 Volunteering Opportunities

Find out how you can help the Singapore Government in its digital efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic


GovBuy is an initiative from the Government to offer engineering, design or writing gigs to Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents

If you wish to drop us any feedback, indicate your interest to speak at our events, or collaborate with us, feel free to contact us at