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What it is

  • System for people to report scams/spam/fake news easily by just forwarding a message/screenshot to an official reporting phone number/WhatsApp endpoint. On the backend, AI/ML models are run over the incoming messages to cluster and identify them. This information can then be published as known scams, made known to the Singapore Police Force or made available to citizens directly in the form of a spam/scam filtering app.

Why it’s useful

  • There is a lot of fake news propagating during the COVID-19 crisis. This spreads very quickly and has the potential to cause panic and substantial harm if not recognized quickly. This system allows for much earlier detection and response.

How you can help

  • Software development help with experience in communication channels such as SMS/Telegram/WhatsApp etc.

  • AI/ML help to detect phone number spoofing in calls/SMSes

  • AI/ML help to recognise and cluster fake news types.

  • Mobile application development

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Last updated 08 April 2021