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What it is

  • Official government ID in a mobile app that lets you quickly check into your visited locations and lets contact tracers verify your official travel history & quarantine status.

Why it’s useful

  • Helps contact tracing by privately keeping a record of every place you’ve been to and, for each place, a record of every person who’s visited. This information is only kept on the local device, so it avoids the privacy concerns of a central system but allows for easy access in the event contact tracing needs to happen. Also helps deter quarantine violations by making it easy for anyone to check a person’s quarantine status, essentially acting as an internal COVID-19 “passport”.

How you can help

  • Mobile app development to implement COVID-19 specific features.

  • Web development to create admin dashboards

  • Security review to help verify privacy and security guarantees

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Last updated 08 April 2021