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Developers can access and leverage the various technologies and tools that Government agencies have open-sourced. Our open-source tools include a wide range of products for areas such as digital identity, design and UI, and infrastructure-as-code.

We have also open-sourced some of the digital tools that we are using in our fight against COVID-19.

  • TraceTogether is a mobile application developed to support existing nationwide efforts to combat COVID-19 by enabling community-driven contact tracing using Bluetooth technology. TraceTogether is built on the BlueTrace protocol; more information can be found here.

  • VigilantGantry is an AI-driven automated temperature screening gantry that augments existing thermal systems to enhance the rate of contactless scanning.  Find out more here.

Our open-source technologies and tools

Apex API Gateway

Apex is a Government API gateway that allows development teams to manage and share their application APIs securely. Apex is available on both internet and intranet environments.


Infrastructure-as-code technologies allow development teams to define their application infrastructure through declarative configuration files. This allows teams to deploy their infrastructure more quickly and consistently.

Design and UI

  • Singapore Government Design System, a UI component library to help web development teams build quickly with confidence.
  • Purple hats is a customisable, automated accessibility testing tool that allows software development teams to assess whether their products are user-friendly to persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Sensors & IOT

Software to support sensor and internet-of-things platforms.


Open Attestation is the base framework behind OpenCerts and TradeTrust.

  • OpenCerts is a platform using blockchain to provide an easy and reliable way to issue and validate tamper-resistant certificates.
  • TradeTrust is a digital utility that comprises a set of globally-accepted standards and frameworks that connects governments and businesses to a public blockchain to enable trusted interoperability and exchanges of electronic trade documents across digital platforms.

The entire framework, and its products, have been open-sourced, available for both the public and private companies to review, implement and integrate to their systems. The respective source code is located at:

Last updated 27 August 2020