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Past STACK-X webinars

STACK-X: Meetup - What is GovTech's National Digital Identity Stack?

08 Oct 2020 

GovTech’s National Digital Identity (NDI) team spoke about leveraging a cloud-native tech stack and adopting Infrastructure-as-Code to build, reuse and rapidly assemble infrastructure for quick and secure service rollouts.

STACK-X: Meetup - Tech for Public Good: Supporting the community

27 Aug 2020 

In this Tech for Public Good series, discover how GovTech teams digitalised the supply and distribution processes for masks and other essential resources by creating SupplyAlly, and built SupportGoWhere - a website that hosts useful information on Government support schemes and ways for citizens to apply directly. You can also read our two-part article on this webinar here:

STACK-X: Meetup x DevOps Vietnam - How DevOps transforms software development

05 Aug 2020 

In our first Spotlight on ASEAN series, GovTech’s DevOps Engineer Fabian Lim will share the tools that enable DevSecOps practices in the organisation, and Vinh Vo from DevOps Vietnam will discuss the benefits and pitfalls of deploying Kubernetes on-prem.

STACK-X: Meetup - Building secure mobile applications with OWASP MASVS and MSTG

16 Jul 2020 

The mobile application penetration testing team from GovTech’s Cyber Security Group (CSG) discussed how common security vulnerabilities can be avoided by following mobile application security best practices. You can also read our article on this webinar here.

STACK-X: Meetup - Zero-Knowledge Proof

25 Jun 2020 

A speaker from GovTech teaches audiences how zero-knowledge proof works, how they can be used for new privacy-preserving techniques, and demonstrates building an application that leverages zero-knowledge proof. You can also read our two-part article on this webinar here:

STACK-X: Meetup x DataScience SG - Enriching Lives through AI Solutions

16 Jun 2020 

In this webinar, explore how artificial intelligence (AI) enriches citizens’ day-to-day interactions with government services.

STACK-X: Meetup - Tech for Public Good: Designing Community Platforms

10 Jun 2020 

The teams behind MaskGoWhere / FluGoWhere, and the popular Community Circuit Breaker (iamaccb.sg) website discuss how they built these key platforms in a matter of days without compromising on design and usability.

STACK-X: Meetup - Data-driven solutions for a post-circuit breaker world

28 May 2020 

Speakers from GovTech and URA discuss the development of SPOT, VigilantGantry and SpaceOut, three data-driven solutions that will play an important part in physical distancing and temperature scanning when Singapore resumes activities after the circuit breaker.

Contact Tracing & Re-opening the Economy

08 May 2020 

Speakers from GovTech, SNDGG and MOH discuss two problem statements together with webinar participants.

Stack x Tech +65: Facing A Pandemic - Tech In The Time Of Covid-19

16 Apr 2020 

Find out more about how companies and government outfits are pivoting and innovating to meet the COVID-19 challenges head-on