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The Accreditation@SGD programme was launched in July 2014 by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to grow and nurture the local Infocomm Media (ICM) ecosystem. Through Accreditation@SGD, Singapore-based ICM companies can establish credentials, build business traction, grow and compete in the global market as more opportunities are created for their products to be showcased and bought. For buyers from the Government and large enterprises, the accreditation process provides an independent third-party evaluation of these ICM companies’ claimed product core functionalities and ability to deliver.

Accreditation@SGD contributes to Singapore’s ICM sector by promoting the next generation of digital expertise and business. This is aligns with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative and is a key contributor to Singapore’s Digital Economy Strategy.

What is Accreditation@SGD?

Accreditation@SGD grows and nurtures the local system by:

  • Accrediting promising and innovative high-growth ICM companies to establish their credentials and position them as qualified contenders.
  • Providing potential end-users with an assurance of the accredited companies’ competency and ability to deliver.
  • Enabling selected ICM companies to build traction through regular market access platforms and to be matched with relevant Government and Enterprise demands.
  • Building an innovative technopreneur ecosystem that inspires the younger generation. Leading to the development of more innovative products and tech product companies that can enter overseas markets.

Since March 2019, the SecureTech track has also been launched in partnership with the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) to improve the quality of local cybersecurity technologies. This is part of the efforts to grow the cybersecurity ecosystem in Singapore and support SG:D Accredited SecureTech companies with international expansion. With the SecureTech Track, companies are required to obtain Common Criteria certification or other security certifications as directed by CSA, for the product to be accredited.

Why Should Companies get Accredited by IMDA?

The key benefits of Accreditation@SGD are as shown below.

  • To date, its market access platforms have allowed for engagement with over 250 key decision-makers from over 100 Government agencies and enterprises.
  • The Tech Acceleration Lab helps accredited companies secure projects from Government-led demand and acquire follow-through from the initial Proof-Of-Concept (POC) stage to a successful production deployment stage.
  • It supports expansion into international markets through strategic partners and overseas landing pads.
  • Its ability to add credibility to a company’s products increases investor’s trust and a company’s valuation.

How Do You Get Accredited?

Fig 1 provides a summary of the accreditation process which begins with an application from companies. Thereafter, companies are shortlisted and evaluated based on financial, operational and technical criteria which can be viewed in detail in Fig 2. Once accreditation has been awarded, it will be valid for 18 months and companies will be subjected to routine reviews. Renewal of the accreditation will be done through evaluation of the company’s financial, operational and technical aspects without the need to go through the application and shortlisting process again.

Guidelines on the accreditation process can be found here and the Terms and Conditions can be accessed through this link. For cybersecurity companies interested in the SecureTech track, more details of the application process can be found here.

Fig 1: Fig 1 Accreditation process under Accreditation@SGD
Fig 1: Accreditation process under Accreditation@SGD
Fig 2: The technical, financial and operational aspects for accreditation evaluation under Accreditation@SGD
Fig 2: The technical, financial and operational aspects for accreditation evaluation under Accreditation@SGD

Success Stories

As of March 2021, SG:D Accredited companies have attributed over $650 million worth of project opportunities. Furthermore, over 1,200 projects were awarded to accredited companies to date. The accreditation process has also increased business traction, and this has made growth capital investment more attractive by changing the risk-reward ratio for investors. Currently, more than $386 million new growth capital has been invested in companies during and after accreditation.

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Last updated 04 December 2021

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