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Instruction Manual for ICT & SS Management

Technological disruptions and evolutions have decisively changed global industries, economies, and our way of life. In this ongoing digital revolution, the Government must act quickly to seize its transformational potential and digitalise to improve service-delivery, operations, and policy-making in a secure and cost-effective manner. Government Agencies are responsible to operationalise requirements stipulated in the IM8. As owners of Government solutions and services, Government Agencies will define and implement the security and data protection requirements when using ICT & SS (Infocomm Technology and Smart Systems) to deliver public services.

More Information on IM8

Like other Government Instruction Manuals, the IM8 is a management tool used in the Government to safeguard ICT & SS assets and guides all Government Agencies in adopting ICT & SS to enable their digital transformation.

The IM8 uplifts ICT & SS capabilities across the Government, sets out requirements for delivering fit-for-purpose, secure, and cost-effective solutions/ services, and directs focus on the strategic ICT & SS areas. It is structured to cover:

  • Governance of ICT & SS through the setting of policy mandates and provision of standards and guidelines to support policy implementation;

  • Use of technology and best-in-class practices across Government Agencies while ensuring tiered risk mitigation, for the Government to be “digital-to-the-core”; and

  • Use of data across Government Agencies from the acquisition, fusion, access & distribution, exploitation to protection of data to achieve a Government that is “data-driven to the core”.

Use Cases

  • Government Personal Data Protection Laws and Policies (data management by public agencies and third parties of public agencies) [link]

  • Digital Service Standards [link]

Further Information

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Last updated 06 October 2021

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