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Seamless API management

APEX Cloud is your all-in-one API management solution. Developers, product teams, agencies, and businesses can effortlessly handle APIs from registration to publication to retirement, including compliance and governance at every stage. It provides a single platform to manage the security, analytics, and developer tools for agencies.

API Sharing & Discovery with Whole-of-Government & more

With over 30 agencies onboard APEX Cloud, discover and share your APIs across both Internet & Intranet zones to foster inter-agency collaboration.

Integrated with the Singapore Government Tech Stack

APEX Cloud is under the services layer of the Singapore Government Tech Stack (SGTS). Developed by GovTech, SGTS modernises development practices across the Whole-Of-Government (WOG), building secure systems that adapt to evolving citizen and business needs.

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An API Management Platform That Fosters Collaboration, Efficiency and Digital Services