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Catalogued datasets for ease of exploration and searching of data

Users can easily discover datasets across the government on Vault, by searching for specific terms that correspond to the desired data (for example, CPF) or by exploring the collated categories on the portal, like Financial Info.

Sample previews and a data dictionary

Each dataset comes with a data sample, effectively a preview of the data inside the dataset for users to understand what it contains, along with a data dictionary to explain each field inside the dataset, so that officers can fully understand if the data matches their needs.

Centralised data request and approval process

A digital data sharing form, which is universal for all datasets, makes it simple for any public officer to request for data directly on Vault. The approval process is also done on Vault, where requestors can actively track the status of each request and then proceed to download the data on Vault. By providing a centralised request and approval flow, workflows for data sharing and accessibility can be automated and standardised.

Security measures to safeguard data

Data owners can track each data request that comes in for their datasets. Moreover, even after approval, they can see the exact details of the requestor along with the agreed-upon expiration date of consuming the data, so that their data can be safeguarded and tracked back in the event of leaks.

API support for advanced users

Vault also offers programmatic consumption of data for more advanced users. They can leverage Vault’s APIs to upload/download their data via the available endpoints.

Vault Send mode for secure file sharing

Vault Send is an alternate mode of simple data sharing on the platform. It allows public officers to send any file (for example, pdf/doc/csv formats etc.) via an end-to-end encrypted sharing link that automatically expires after a set period of time.

Last updated 01 October 2022

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