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Vault was created by GovTech’s Open Government Products (OGP) to improve the efficiency of data discovery and sharing within the government. With data existing in siloes and differing approval processes across agencies, obtaining data usually takes a few months to even a year, which leads to projects being delayed or shelved permanently.

Vault supports cross-agency data projects by reducing the turnaround time to get data and by providing officers with a central platform for data distribution. Open to all Singaporean public service officers with a valid email account, Vault has enabled cross-agency sharing by being a central platform for Trusted Center data and agency metadata across the Whole-of-Government (WOG).

Public service officers can therefore use Vault to discover and share government data securely.

The Vault team is working on a completely revamped iteration of the platform – Vault Workspace, a managed database as a service — to solve the issue of large-scale data discovery, accessibility and management problems across the government. The initial scope of the prototype will be to optimise daily workflows for individual officers when it comes to data flows related to FormSG, Excel, Sharepoint, and email.

The goal of Vault Workspace is to be the central repository for all types of data (Core, Non-Core, and Working), thereby replacing the need for agencies to build, commission or manage data infrastructure themselves. 

Key Features

The key features of Vault include:

  • Catalogued datasets for ease of exploration and searching of data
  • Sample previews and a data dictionary
  • Centralised data request and approval process
  • Security measures to safeguard data
  • API support for advanced users
  • Vault Send mode to easily share any file securely

Key Benefits

  • With centralisation of the entire approval flow process for data sharing and access, public officers no longer need to understand differing approval processes and address layers of justification.

  • Removal of barriers to data discovery and accessibility, allowing public officers to discover data across agencies and understand what each dataset contains.

  • Multiple ways to securely consume data, including programmatically via API, temporarily via Vault Send, or directly via the portal.

Use Case

Vault has:

  • Reduced turnaround time for obtaining data from 3-12 months to less than 7 days

  • 4000+ unique users across 96 agencies

  • Served 1800+ dataset requests on the portal

Getting Started

Public officers can access Vault by using their work computers and logging in with their ‘’ email.

No registration is required.


Vault is free for public officers.

Contact Us

Reach out to the product team with your queries or feedback through this form.

Last updated 09 July 2024

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