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Since 2020, SupplyAlly has been the centralised distribution system for WOG and organisations to issue items that improve the lives of Singaporeans.

The COVID-19 pandemic produced an urgent need to address logistical challenges on a national scale. During the onset of the pandemic, the distribution of reusable face masks to all Singapore residents created a logistical challenge to track collection quotas and manage a flexible pool of volunteers.

Automating logistic distributions prevents wastage of resources that can occur because of a lapse in the distribution system. This prevents duplicate distributions and optimises volunteers’ efforts. SupplyAlly provides convenience to citizens while maintaining operational flexibility for different points and modes of distribution.

In response to these urgent logistical challenges, GovTech’s Government Digital Services (GDS) team developed SupplyAlly, a centralised distribution system to facilitate nationwide logistics distributions, in 2020.

SupplyAlly has a user-friendly app that helps volunteers quickly scan the ID cards of recipients who show up to collect the items being distributed, and track the distribution process to ensure that there has been no duplication of distributions.

In addition, SupplyAlly has been integrated with various distribution channels, such as vending machines and Point-of-Sales (POS) terminals, to alleviate the manual tedium of agencies performing the distribution of physical items. GovSupply has recently integrated with GovWallet to help agencies distribute payouts as a form of physical vouchers to non-digital and less tech-savvy citizens.

GovSupply will continue to be used in partnership with charities for the allocation of food packs and meal credit redemptions. GovTech will continue to work with SupplyAlly partners to make improvements where necessary.

How It Works

By adopting serverless cloud technologies on the Government on Commercial Cloud (GCC), SupplyAlly is able to spin up and run different distribution campaigns simultaneously at an effective cost mode.

SupplyAlly can provide a mobile app or integrate with other platforms, such as vending machines, to facilitate the distribution.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to deploy and use: Volunteers involved in the distribution exercises do not need dedicated training to use GovSupply during distribution exercises, as the mobile app is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Accelerates distribution campaigns: The GovSupply app significantly lowers the lead time required to roll out new campaigns by leveraging reusable components.
  • Preserves data privacy: GovSupply does not track the personal data of volunteers or recipients.


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Last updated 26 January 2024

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