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Admin portal to create tasks

The admin portal allows public officers to quickly and conveniently create tasks to engage citizens.

In-built gamification elements

The gamification elements will stimulate and engage citizens to participate in various kinds of collective activities that they feel strongly about.

Tools to create tasks easily

CrowdTaskSG provides tools to create activities, including surveys and translation tasks, to engage citizens to participate. Officers can use the in-built tools, integrated third-party tools or request custom tools.

Data visualisation tools for quick analysis

The platform’s basic data visualisation tools allow for quick analysis of the data received through the tasks, for insights that can be used for reports.

Web portal for citizens

Citizens and permanent residents aged 18 and above, with a Singpass account, can use the CrowdTaskSG web portal to take part in tasks and gain virtual coins and experience points.

Last updated 17 February 2023

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