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Quick form creation

Public officers can create digital forms quickly using an intuitive interface and publish these forms easily.

Rich feature set

FormSG offers a set of features tailored to support public sector needs. FormSG offers more than 16 different fields, including table-input fields, OTP verification of contact details, email domain restrictions, control flow logic to disable submissions, and date validations.

End-to-End encryption

FormSG offers end-to-end encryption, which is not available in commercial form managers, to protect classified and sensitive data. All form responses are encrypted end-to-end (Storage mode) or sent directly to public officers’ email inboxes (Email mode). Third parties will not be able to access or view the form data.

Modularity supported

As a modular tool, FormSG can be used with other tools and services like identity providers or downstream case management tools in many government workflows.

Pre-built integration with Singpass, Corppass, and Myinfo

FormSG offers pre-built integration with Singpass, Corppass, and Myinfo to extend the functionality of the digital forms.

Ability to scale

FormSG is designed to be scalable to support extremely high volumes of form submissions.

Automatic acknowledgement emails

Acknowledgement emails to respondents can be generated automatically.

Last updated 25 November 2022

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