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Introducing Singapore Government Tech Stack

To enable government agencies to build digital services quickly and effectively, GovTech is developing the Singapore Government Tech Stack (SGTS), a common platform that streamlines and simplifies the development process. With SGTS, agencies will be able to utilise a suite of tools and services hosted on a common infrastructure to ensure consistency and high quality in their applications.

A tech stack may refer to different sets of applications, depending on the context. Hence, as part of our next steps in adopting cloud for Whole-Of-Government (WOG), we intend to standardise the definition of SGTS - a common Base Layer consisting of components such as Toolchain, Communications, Runtime, Monitoring & Service Management with a clear product roadmap and adoption support plan. GovTech has assembled a new CODEX (Core Operations Development Environment and eXchange) team to do so.


The core focus of SGTS is to supercharge developers with agile development and modernise the development practice with reusable components. Today, GCC reduces repetition of acquiring and configuring servers, which minimises set-up errors and costs. With SGTS, agencies will have access to reusable components for application development, such as Runtime (e.g. deployment types like containers and serverless) and Orchestration & Management (e.g., CI/CD, API Gateway and Service Proxy). This will then allow agencies to build less and deliver more.

Getting to know CODEX

CODEX is a Strategic National Project for achieving Singapore’s Smart Nation vision by increasing engineering productivity. The team aims to drive the use of GCC (Government on Commercial Cloud) and SGTS products in WOG development, while adhering to security audit and compliance. The government expects to reduce operating costs overall with using highly reusable software components in a collaborative environment.

Moving Up the Line of Innovation

Impact of SGTS




Are built on reusable standardised parts

Can focus on their core business application

Can meet and exceed their organisational needs to satisfy their customers

Ensures policy compliance — built on standard parts

Ensures robustness — standardisation reduces errors

Enables agility and accommodates frequent changes in customer requirements

Eliminates tedious and repetitive configuration and environment set-up tasks

Allows stress-free development and deployment as bugs are discovered early in CI/CD

Delivers products quickly by gathering customer requirements and improving the products incrementally

Allows cost savings through software reuse

Ensures compliance to security standards

SGTS Product Roadmap

SGTS comprises a two-layer architecture — Base Layer and Services Layer — with components that make up the app development lifecycle, from set-up to going live.

Base Layer
Services Layer

The services layer comprises rapidly evolving and widely applicable, reusable service components in areas including App services, Data & Analytics, Identity, AI and data exchange.

Reaping Benefits with SGTS

20 agencies, 900 users across 80 systems have already reaped the benefits of SGTS by implementing their services or applications on cloud. These include time and cost savings allowing them to focus on the services and applications instead of building cloud architectures.

Watch Kevin KB Ng, Director of CODEX, present on SGTS during STACK 2020.

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Last updated 10 November 2021

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