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Container Stack

Container Stack (CStack) is a cloud-based container hosting platform. It offers agencies the ability to kickstart, and/or accelerate their agile and DevOps/DevSecOps practices and culture without the overhead to setup and maintain the required infrastructure and moving parts. CStack is currently in private beta version.

A Singapore Government Tech Stack (SGTS) Product

CStack is one of the Runtime components within the Base Layer of the SGTS.

CStack for DevOps/DevSecOps

Having a successful DevOps/DevSecOps culture helps agencies release product features and bug fixes to production at a quicker pace compared to a traditional software development model. This allows agencies to be more agile, innovate faster, adapt to markets better, respond to customers’ needs quicker, improve efficiency at delivering results and more.

Under the hood, CStack leverages Kubernetes to automate deployment, managing and scaling containerised applications. It integrates with SHIP-HATS to enable Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CICD), automated and continuous testing.

CStack’s platform is IM8 compliant and will ensure it stays compliant as policy changes. As CStack enforces infrastructure-as-code (IaC) and policies-as-code, agencies are equipped with the tools and mechanism to automate the audit of their applications for compliance.


Springboard to Agile/DevOps/DevSecOps practices

CStack offers agencies a quick way to ride on the Agile/DevOps/DevSecOps journey without the complexity and overheads to set up and maintain the infrastructure and moving parts.

Elevate developer experience and performance

CStack bridges the gaps between ops and developers, allowing agencies to deploy fast, get feedback and learn with each cycle. This results in better developer experience and confidence.

Stay secure and compliant with every release

CStack’s infrastructure as code and policies as code mechanism offers agencies the ability to configure policies for their application to enable automated auditing, allowing your applications or services stay secure and compliant with every release.

Key Features

Built on Kubernetes

Under the hood, CStack uses Kubernetes, an open-source container orchestration engine. Agencies get to enjoy all features that Kubernetes offers. CStack doesn’t add any abstraction layer so you can tap on existing community resources to configure your containers or workloads.

GitOps Methodology

CStack follows the GitOps principles in that Git is the one and only single source of truth. Together with Kubernetes, the desired state of the whole system in various environments (such as dev, stage, or production) are described through codes and are version controlled so that any changes are traceable and auditable.

Seamlessly integrate with managed services

CStack’s adapters connect your application seamlessly to managed services such as object storage, and managed SQL databases.

Observability and monitoring

CStack provides a dashboard powered by ElasticSearch and Grafana to allow teams to visualize their logs or metrics. Additionally, teams can hook up to Telegram/Slack for conditional notifications.

Getting Started

CStack is currently in private beta version. Contact us for an invitation.

Last updated 23 July 2021

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