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Products and services

Offerings to help to facilitate the quick and secure building of Government digital services

Digital Solutions to Address COVID-19

(11 items)

Digital Solutions for a 21st Century Pandemic


Government-built open-source technologies and tools


(3 items)

Web analytics tools to help you better understand your users and make data-driven decisions


(1 item)

Distributed ledger technologies that enable the usage of decentralised, tamper-proof records

Content Management

(3 items)

Platforms that enable easy and reliable hosting and publishing of content on the web

Data and APIs

(10 items)

Open APIs and platforms allowing developers to connect with data and services from the Government


(1 item)

Design guidelines and libraries


Tools that enable the delivery of software quickly, securely and reliably in the spirit of DevOps

Digital Identity

(9 items)

Make use of Government-backed digital identities to identify and transact with individuals and businesses

Infrastructure and Hosting

(1 item)

Host applications in secure environments at scale

Sensor Platforms and Internet of Things

(15 items)

Build on sensors and IOT technologies and leverage their data


(3 items)

Digital platform for citzens, agencies and businesses

Productivity Tools

(2 items)

Tools to enhance your experience at work and help you achieve more