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Whole-of-Government Application Analytics (WOGAA)

Easily collect, process, and analyse important data in real-time for your agency

What is WOGAA?

With more people interacting with the Government through websites and mobile applications, it is important for you to understand how your digital services are performing and enhance user experience.

WOGAA provides you with a customised dashboard that depicts the health status of your websites and digital services.

In this way, you can understand user behaviour accurately and improve your service delivery.

What are the benefits of WOGAA?

WOGAA is a cheaper and efficient option for your agency. Existing analytical tools in the market such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics need manpower to maintain, and it also incurs large costs. Here are the other benefits of WOGAA:

  • A comprehensive overview of performance analytics
    Our analytics tools help you to track key metrics for your services such as downloads, number of clicks, bounce rate and abandonment rate.

  • Receive instant updates when services are unavailable
    Uptime is a tool which automatically sends notifications to your agency when services are unavailable during routine uptime checks.

  • Receive recommendations to improve services
    Ensure your services meet usability guidelines with our Inspect tool which helps your agency to scan informational services and propose recommendations for improvements.

  • Capture user sentiments about your website
    We help you to understand the experience of users on your website. With our Sentiments tool, we can highlight how users feel from their experience interacting with your website, giving you greater insights into how user-friendly your website is.

What are some new features I can expect?

Develop your own custom tagging to suit your agency's needs. This upcoming feature would help you to invest your resources more effectively and improve your digital service standards.

How can I get started?

If you are a public servant, sign up with your .gov.sg email and start using WOGAA for free now.

Last updated 26 January 2021