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GovTech Singapore developed OpenCerts in cooperation with the OpenCerts Consortium.

OpenCerts is the umbrella trademark under which we have released a few key components:

  • An open-source schema for publishing educational credentials
  • A set of tools for generating cryptographic protections for educational credentials
  • This online website for verifying the authenticity of OpenCerts files


Safe Personal Data

Academic records of the certificate and personal data are not published on the blockchain. A hash is generated from the certificate and is used to prove that the certificate is legitimate. The process of computing the hash from the certificate is not reversible. Since the hash is the only information published into the blockchain, no personal information can be obtained from content on the blockchain.

Backed by Blockchain Technology

Using blockchain, we can greatly reduce the barrier to entry of publishing cryptographically protected educational credentials, as compared to currently existing costly proprietary software. In addition, a public blockchain is owned and maintained by the community and is easily accessible by anyone. As a result, there is no need to run or maintain services to verify OpenCerts.

Get Started

OpenCerts is currently in the early stages of progressive rollout. If you wish to know whether your educational institute supports OpenCerts, please contact their administrative office.

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Last updated 26 January 2021