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APEX is a self-service API platform that acts as a centralised and secure API gateway for the Government. On APEX, users can easily publish, secure, monitor, and discover APIs.

With APEX, data collected and stored by one agency can be used by numerous other approved agencies or businesses to improve and streamline their own processes. For example, MyInfo leverages the capabilities of APEX to enable citizens and residents to manage the use of their personal data for a myriad of online transactions, including applying for a Housing Development Board flat and opening a bank account. The MyInfo API for developers makes it possible for more applications to be integrated with MyInfo without the significant hassle or overhead costs.

APEX contains an API catalogue which provides a searchable library of APIs published by agencies. This encourages sharing, thereby reducing the creation of digital silos and duplication of efforts.


  • Centralised Data Sharing Platform for Government

  • Self-Service Platform

  • Professional Services

  • Multi-Tenanted Environments

  • Supports modern RESTful and SOAP APIs

  • Secure Data Exchange

Key benefits

  • Governance: Central point to manage, monitor and harden security for APIs

  • Data sharing: An easy and reusable data exchange channel using data transformation

  • Rapid development: Rapid development is possible without affecting the backend

  • Co-creation: Application and backend can be developed together

APEX in action

The API Catalogue hosted within the APEX Portal lists a collection of APIs published by various agencies. This allows agencies to discover, search and potentially reuse existing APIs shared by different agencies.

The central logging system enables agencies to view the logs of API calls invoked. This allows them to troubleshoot issues when necessary.

Central administration monitoring dashboard for system health-check and analytics purposes.

Get Started

Administrative access to APEX is only available on the Government Intranet.

Find out more about APEX, or email us at enquiries_apex@tech.gov.sg.

Last updated 26 January 2021