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Agencies that offer services which require pre-booking can use BookingSG to perform Calendaring, Availability, Rostering and Booking (CARB) management. BookingSG can be leveraged as a service on its own: it can be offered as part of a user journey or it can be used as an engine. BookingSG aims to serve these 3 user groups: 3 User Groups Examples of services are: a person’s time, facilities, events or courses and for crowd control purposes.


How to Use

BookingSG’s fluid integration principles offer the highest form of flexibility, and it can cater for any degree of journey experience for various use cases. BookingSG adopts one of the most popular cloud computing models – ‘Software-as-a-Service’ (Saas). The SaaS model of software delivery is easy to access and it has become common for many types of business applications. The SaaS model can help agencies with their MVP launch, while continuously iterating with agencies on their product evolution journey.

We can leverage on BookingSG’s various service options to help improve user journeys.

  • As a Service: Register an account to start setting up and define a roster to publish calendars for booking with just a URL link.

As a Service

  • As part of a journey: Include BookingSG into the user journey by redirecting requests to BookingSG or embed BookingSG components for specific tasks to be performed on top of pre-existing features.

  • As an engine: Use BookingSG as an engine to serve highly complicated use cases and integrate BookingSG using API to leverage on common CARB logics. Agencies have full autonomy on how calendars and bookings are presented to users.

  • As a combination: Depending on your needs, you can combine the various service offerings - from using the admin portal as a SAAS, to additional business logic defined on your web/app before redirecting to BookingSG for slot selection supported by API integration. Leverage the various approaches to provide the desired user experience for your services.

All approaches mentioned above are available for both citizen and agency portals.



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Last updated 22 June 2021