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Hive Agile Testing Solutions (HATS) is a functional test automation tool for web and mobile applications. It allows government developers to define end-to-end test scenarios and implement the test steps/actions, together with assertion checks.

At the end of the automated tests, an HTML report is generated that allows you to determine the total execution time, pass/fail test cases and the step at which the failure happens, if any. HATS leverages the technical know-how of the Agile experts at Hive, as well as our experience with Agile testing, to help the Singapore Government deliver more robust and stable digital services.


Green Hats

Green Hats is an automated functional regression testing platform for web and mobile apps.

Non-technical users can create their own test scenarios using an “English-style” scripting language to develop and execute automated tests. Writing test cases in this manner helps to shift the entire QA focus among the team as well as the business stakeholders. Everyone in the team is able to understand the test scenarios and contribute to them.

Users are able to run regression tests in parallel. This saves time and provides early feedback to the development team for any code-breaks. Tests can be executed in parallel in various browsers and mobile devices, including the HATS team’s own device farm, so engineers can be sure that their application is able to run on these platforms. Green Hats offers detailed reports on points of failure and screenshots for debugging.

In addition, Green Hats can be used to virtualise external interfaces during testing, decoupling applications from their dependencies. A wide variety of protocols are covered, e.g. HTTP(S), JDBC, MQ.

White Hats

White Hats is an automated white box security testing tool. It offers static application security testing (SAST) capabilities, and can identify quality or security issues in source code.

With its fast feedback cycle, White Hats helps to drive and lower the effort needed to maintain code quality and security.


Continuous testing can be achieved by integrating hats into the Continuous Integration (CI) process, which is a very important Agile Continuous Delivery (CD) component.


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To learn more about HATS and how to get onboard, please visit https://www.ship.gov.sg or email enquiries_enp@tech.gov.sg.

Last updated 05 May 2021