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SHIP stands for Secure Hybrid Integration Pipeline. It offers a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) platform that automates the delivery of applications and simplifies policy clearance. It provides a Common Development Stack, Standard Build Management and Centralised Release Management for application development in both internet and government intranet environments.

SHIP allows teams to simplify and shorten the process of building, testing and releasing their software. It enables engineers to ship quality, reliable software with a high level of confidence.


Common Development Stack

Tools for development teams in a secure environment:

  • Document writing and sharing

  • Project tracking

  • Source code and binary management

Common Build Environment

Managed build engines and automated software builds for continuous integration and secure library management in an application’s development cycle.

Release Management (upcoming)

Continuous deployment and delivery to multiple target hosts and zones. SHIP would serve as a centralised platform featuring build artifact reviews, release reviews, audit reviews, controlled releases with authorisation and authentication, release monitoring and release configuration management.

Note: SHIP only provides the tools to support a CI/CD pipeline. Users would still have to set up these pipelines themselves or through a vendor.

ship project overview


  • Designed in compliance with policies

  • A continuous integration & continuous delivery platform within the public service

  • Ship quality code with a shorter turnaround time


ship and hats roadmap

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Last updated 05 May 2021