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Designed by the Government, MyInfo is a “Tell Us Once” service that eliminates the need for citizens to repeatedly provide and verify the same personal information when transacting online. Businesses can use MyInfo APIs to obtain information about individuals upon their consent. For example, banks and financial institutions used this for eKYC for online application and instant approvals for bank account opening, credit card applications, and loan applications.

MyInfo allows citizens and businesses to benefit from:

  • Reduced repetitive filling of personal information for multiple online transactions;
  • Reduced incidence of mistakes due to human error; and
  • No more need for physical documents as verification to complete transactions.

MyInfo Business

As an extension of MyInfo, MyInfo Business is available for businesses to consent and share their corporate data for simpler online transactions. With less administrative requirements, it simplifies the credit assessment facilitation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) using data from government sources.


Login allows businesses to authenticate users of their online services with high assurance, without the need to implement and operate additional infrastructure and systems. In return, businesses can get access to some 4 million SingPass users, who are already familiar with the login platform and the SingPass Mobile application.


Verify is an in-person identity verification service that helps businesses verify the identities of individuals and obtain their information in a physical setting.

Verify helps businesses align with PDPC’s NRIC Advisory Guidelines, by verifying users digitally without collecting or retaining physical NRICs, FIN cards, and NRIC/FIN numbers. Please refer to the PDPC’s Technical Guide here.

Authorise (Coming Soon)

Authorise enables businesses to notify and seek authorisation for transactions from customers who are not physically present.

For example, a hospital can send a request to a user to authorise the deduction of his Medisave savings to pay for his parent’s hospitalisation bills. The user will receive a notification on SingPass Mobile informing him that there is a pending request for authorisation. He can consent to this request by using his fingerprint as a second form factor (2FA). After which, this transaction will be securely captured and logged in the user’s SingPass Mobile inbox, doing away with the need for him to show up at the hospital for further form filling.

Sign (Coming Soon)

Sign empowers businesses and their customers to digitally sign agreements, benefitting from legal presumptions under the Electronics Transaction Act in Singapore.

Unlike current electronic signatures which hold limited legal effect, documents signed digitally with the Sign api will take on legal weight as the signature will be irrefutably tied to a user.

For example, a bank or insurance company can present a contract to a user, who then scans the unique QR code on the document, verify his identity and successfully signs it digitally on his SingPass Mobile app. There will be no need to manually match signatures to ascertain that a person has indeed signed on a contract.

Identiface (Coming Soon)

Identiface affords businesses an additional or alternative way of verifying a person’s identity, with consent, without the need to collect biometrics data. This means that the business only has to match a person’s presented facial image with the government-verified biometrics data source. There is no need to enrol biometrics data or maintain a database, thus reducing concerns with privacy and data security.

The Identiface API can be integrated at service kiosks for visitor registration at a building.

For more information, please read the NDI API documentation or contact the NDI team.

Last updated 26 January 2021