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With most transactions now taking place within the digital realm, developers need Government-developed digital identity solutions to provide greater convenience and security for citizens when they transact online with businesses and individuals. National Digital Identity (NDI) is a Strategic National Project that delivers a range of such solutions to facilitate smoother, more secure transactions for citizens.

Corppass – Conveniently Manage Your Online Transactions with Government Agencies

Corppass is a corporate digital identity for businesses and other entities to conduct online transactions with Government agencies.

Identiface – Authenticate users with their secure, consent-based biometrics ID

Identiface is a secure authentication method where users verify their identities through facial scanning.

Login – High assurance authentication to onboard Singpass users for digital services

Login is a password-less login method for users to access public and private sector digital services using the Singpass app.

Myinfo business - A “Tell Us Once” Service that facilitates Online Transactions for Businesses

Myinfo business is a “Tell Us Once” service that enables businesses to pre-fill and provide their corporate data and applicants’ personal data for simpler online transactions.

Myinfo - A “Tell Us Once” Service that facilitates Online Transactions for Individuals

Myinfo is a “Tell Us Once” service that pre-fills personal data retrieved from government sources for online transactions.

National Digital Identity

National Digital Identity allows citizens to conduct transactions with both the public and private sectors using a single, secure digital credential. NDI comprises various solutions such as MyInfo and SG-Verify.

SGFinDex – World's First Public Digital Infrastructure for Retrieval and Consolidation of Data

A public digital infrastructure driven by public-private sector collaboration, consent-based data-driven innovation and national digital identity.

Singpass – Your Improved Digital ID

Singpass is the trusted national digital identity platform for users to access and perform transactions with public and private sectors conveniently and securely.

Verify - Enabling users to prove their identity digitally in a physical setting

Verify enables users to securely perform in-person identity verification and data sharing, through scanning of QR codes with their Singpass app.

Last updated 26 January 2021

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