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GoWhere Suite is a ground-up initiative by GovTech’s Government Digital Services (GDS) team. It was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and addresses the need for a rapid and reliable source of information. It also supports location/eligibility-based information queries/discoveries, functions as an inclusive mass media channel and provides OpsTech integration to support Government distribution operations. Currently, GoWhere Suite exists as a mini-stack, featuring various Government portals and has been used in 14 Government initiatives which boosts 25.4 million website visits.

What is GoWhere Suite?

GoWhere Suite is an end-to-end distribution stack that facilitates COVID-19 communications and operations. It is available in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil and consists of numerous portals that are segregated based on the following categories - Stay Home!, Going Out?, Unwell?, Find Jobs, Businesses and Daily Updates.

Why Should GoWhere Suite be Adopted?

GoWhere Suite is a one-stop resource hub for all official COVID-19 related information. By consolidating COVID-19 related resources in one website, Singapore residents can efficiently and quickly obtain accurate information. Besides English, GoWhere Suite can also be adapted to Chinese, Malay or Tamil this increases its mass appeal as residents who are more proficient in their Mother Tongue can utilise the website too. The various search functions present also prevents users from scrolling through multiple sites, tabs and portals. Misleading or false information can also be cross-checked against the information present on GoWhere Suite or through the contact points present on the various sites.

How do You Use GoWhere Suite?

Fig 1: GoWhere Suite’s website
Fig 1: GoWhere Suite’s website

Step 1: Go to www.gowhere.gov.sg and select the desired initiative from the available GoWhere Suite websites.

Fig 2: TokenGoWhere website
Fig 2: TokenGoWhere website

Step 2: As an example, for TokenGoWhere or tokengowhere.gov.sg, input your postal code in the search bar of the site.

Fig 3: TokenGoWhere’s token collection information
Fig 3: TokenGoWhere’s token collection information

Step 3: Continuing from the example of TokenGoWhere or tokengowhere.gov.sg. This will generate a list of TraceTogether token collection sites with information on token availability. The information provided includes the names of the collection points, opening hours, addresses and telephone numbers.

Success Stories

MaskGoWhere and PosterGoWhere

  • Three rounds of mask distribution exercises were successfully implemented, with 5.5 million visits to MaskGoWhere which has experienced 3 million unique visitors since Feb 2020. Information on mask collection exercises were also distributed quickly and securely through MaskGoWhere.

  • PosterGoWhere facilitated these exercises as it allowed for standardised multilingual posters with the most up-to-date information on the distribution exercises to be created efficiently, while updating MaskGoWhere with the same information at the same time.


  • This is a platform for citizens to seek assistance for various needs. It also has an eligibility checker to aid in determining qualification for the various schemes. SupportGoWhere was used to launch COVID-19 support grants such as the COVID-19 Recovery Grant (CRG), COVID-19 Recovery Grant - Temporary (Aug 21) (CRG-T) and the Courage Fund (TCF). The site has experienced 3.5 million visits and 1.9 million unique visitors since Apr 2020.

PassGoWhere and IdentityGoWhere

  • PassGoWhere allows for foreign workers to apply for a dormitory exit pass to head out,. Information from PassGoWhere is sent to SafeEntry and SG WorkPass for enforcement purposes. IdentityGoWhere supports PassGoWhere and other products by providing a simple validation service of Singapore residents. It uses the residents’ NRIC/FIN along with one or two more identifiable fields such as date of issue and date of birth for validation.

Due to the success of the GoWhere Suite, government agencies have also collaborated with the GDS team to develop their own GoWhere sites. These include:

GoWhere Directory

  • 180k visits, 130k unique visitors since Apr 2020.


  • 2 million visits, 1.3million unique visitors since Feb 2020.


  • 1.3million visits, 800k unique visitors since Jul 2020.


  • 8.7million visits, 3.9million unique visitors since Sep 2020.

What's Next?

Beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, GoWhere suite intends to continue providing up-to-date official information to Singapore residents. The application stack of GoWhere Suite is relevant to any generic distribution operations or a location/eligibility-based query information system.

Government agencies and organisations such as the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), National Council of Social Service (NCSS), SG Enable (SGE), and Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) are exploring the expansion of SupportGoWhere as a one-stop social assistance portal. This could transform the delivery of social services.

Contact Information

For enquiries, contact us at support@gowhere.gov.sg.

Last updated 05 October 2021

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