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GoWhere Suite - Timely and Accurate COVID-19 Aid Information

GoWhere Suite - Timely and Accurate COVID-19 Aid Information

The GoWhere Suite was developed by GovTech’s Government Digital Services team. It was created as a means of providing citizens with timely and accurate information regarding matters like mask collection, polling information, clinic and health subsidy information, COVID-19 support schemes and COVID-19-related government websites. Sites under the GoWhere suite are multilingual - content is available in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Since the introduction of the first GoWhere site on 1 February 2020, new GoWhere websites have been added where there is a need to provide access to reliable and timely government information .


Gowhere.gov.sg serves as a compilation of all government websites that provide helpful information and resources.

A screenshot of the Gowhere portal

Here are some of the services that Gowhere has been offering during the crisis:


A screenshot of the Tokengowhere page

The latest addition to the Gowhere suite, Tokengowhere directs citizens to their nearest collection points for the TraceTogether Token when they enter their postal code in the search bar. The site also provides care instructions for the token.

For more information on TraceTogether Token, please visit this page.


A screenshot of the Maskgowhere page

When the Singapore Government announced that masks would be distributed to every household in Singapore, a group of developers started work on a website to assist with the distribution, in collaboration with People’s Association (PA). Maskgowhere’s concept is simple: citizens enter their postal code in the search bar to retrieve information on their nearest mask collection points. Maskgowhere has supported several rounds of mask distributions, and has been enhanced with features to display mask vending machine stock levels as well as a multilingual poster generator feature to support PA’s needs (see Postergowhere below for more information).

A screenshot of the Maskgowhere vending machine list
Maskgowhere displaying vending machine mask stock availability

For more information on Maskgowhere, visit:




A screenshot of the Supportgowhere page

With so many new COVID-19 support schemes, grants and packages being introduced by the Government, citizens might find it hard to keep track of the most relevant initiatives that could tide them through these trying times. Supportgowhere was built as a user-friendly site that compiles all these schemes on one site. It has an eligibility checker feature that helps give citizens clarity on schemes they may be eligible for, so they need not sift through the schemes one by one, which can be time-consuming and confusing.


A screenshot of the Fluegowhere page

The concept for Flugowhere is similar to Maskgowhere’s, where citizens enter their postal code into the search bar to generate a list of Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPC) near them. Clinic opening hours, swabbing hours and information on healthcare subsidies are also listed on the site.


A screenshot of VoteQgowhere page

During the General Elections held in July 2020, there was a strong need for crowd management measures at polling stations to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission within the community. In this context, VoteQgowhere was built in collaboration with the Elections Department (ELD). Like Maskgowhere and Flugowhere, voters can enter their postal code to retrieve information about their assigned polling station, such as the exact address and the number of people currently in the queue. This helped voters to avoid joining already-crowded polling stations and only do so when the queues were shorter.

A screenshot of the queue status page on the VoteQgowhere site


A screenshot of the Reactgowhere page

To facilitate the design and development of the services in the Gowhere suite, a reusable, portable and rigorously tested design-system library was created. For each new service deployed, the team can monitor user experience and consider the improvements that can be made based on feedback received from the live sites. This iterative approach allows the team to continuously improve the different Gowhere services. The design-system library also streamlines the development of new Gowhere services.


A screenshot of the Postergowhere tool

Every mask distribution exercise is extremely ops-heavy. One of the tasks for such exercises involves tedious data entry and populating the website with information, and another task involves communicating and notifying citizens of upcoming distributions.

To make these tasks less labour-intensive, the GoWhere team and PA collaborated to build a poster generator tool that creates standardised multilingual posters with the most up-to-date information of the distribution exercise. The information entered into these posters is reflected on the GoWhere distribution websites (e.g. Maskgowhere or Tokengowhere) simultaneously, condensing two separate tasks into one. This tool is the secret ingredient behind each Gowhere site’s success as a reliable source of truth for citizens.

A screenshot of the poster generator

If you would like to learn more about the GoWhere suite of services, visit Gowhere.gov.sg.

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Last updated 01 February 2021