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Overview — Digital Solutions for a 21st Century Pandemic

To meet the new, rapidly evolving challenges that have emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore has leveraged its technological capabilities to develop a suite of innovative digital solutions.

A diagram outlining some of GovTech's COVID-19 digital solutions
An overview of GovTech's COVID-19 digital solutions

By tapping on engineering capabilities to build on its existing digital infrastructure, the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) has been able to swiftly roll out a wide variety of digital tools to aid and complement our nation’s strategic response to the pandemic. In designing these tools, developers were guided by three important underlying principles:

  • The technology had to be based on sound public health principles and informed by the needs of health authorities
  • Accountability to the public through transparency of data collection and usage had to be ensured
  • These solutions had to be accessible even to non-digital natives, with alternatives provided for the digitally excluded and under-served segments where necessary.

Timely and targeted solutions—adhering to this design philosophy—have been created for each unique need that has arisen due to the pandemic. Here are some of the tools that we have developed to meet these needs.

Preventing the spread

HealthCerts - digital standards and schema

HealthCerts schema was developed in collaboration with Government Technology Agency(GovTech) and Ministry of Health(MOH), Singapore which is a set of digital standards and schema for issuing COVID-19 test results/vaccination certificates that are in line with international standards and the Singapore Government’s requirements.

SafeEntry – Combating Clusters through Check-Ins

Developed by GovTech, SafeEntry is a national digital check-in system that logs identifying details of individuals (identification card and mobile numbers) visiting public venues such as malls and workplaces, as well as communal activity areas.

TraceTogether – Community-driven Contact Tracing

TraceTogether is a mobile application (available on Android and iOS devices) that was developed by GovTech’s Government Digital Services team and the Ministry of Health to complement manual contact tracing efforts.

Crowd management and distribution

COVID-19 ChatBots

The COVID-19 ChatBots for Citizens were created by the GovTech (Government Technology Agency) VICA (Virtual Intelligent Chat Assistant) team in collaboration with MCI (Ministry of Communications and Information) to help the Singapore public to stay updated on the news for COVID-19 virus.

GoWhere Suite - Timely and Accurate COVID-19 Aid Information

The GoWhere Suite was created by GovTech’s Government Digital Services team as a means of providing citizens with timely and accurate information regarding matters like mask collection, polling information, clinic and health subsidy information, COVID-19 support schemes and COVID-19-related government websites.

Space Out - Crowd Analysis for Safe Distancing

To facilitate safe distancing, Space Out was developed by the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Digital Planning Lab to provide the public with regular updates on crowd levels in malls, supermarkets, and other public facilities across Singapore.

SPOT – Safe Distancing Robot

SPOT, a four-legged robot built by Boston Dynamics, is the first robotic platform upon which GovTech is developing Digital Operations Smart Services (DOSS) software capabilities. SPOT has been trialled for COVID-19 use cases such as assisting safe distancing measures at parks and delivering essential items such as medicine to patients.

SPOTON – Smart Thermal Scanning

SPOTON is a smart thermal scanner that was created by GovTech’s Smart Nation Platform Solutions (SNPS) team. With SPOTON, fast crowd temperature screening is enabled by detecting and alerting operators to individuals with high temperatures. This minimises physical contact and time spent on manual temperature checks.

SupplyAlly - Distribution Made Simple

SupplyAlly is a mobile app that facilitates the process of logistics distribution during COVID-19. The app serves as a single solution for both the management of a flexible pool of supply-distributing volunteers, as well as the tracking of collection quotas.

VigilantGantry - Access Control with AI and Video Analytics

VigilantGantry is a fully automated, contactless gantry system for temperature screening developed by GovTech’s Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Division (DSAID). Driven by AI and deep learning, it augments existing thermal scanners to improve the rate of contactless scanning, ease bottlenecks in long queues outside buildings and reduce manpower required for temperature screening measures.

Supporting the community

GoBusiness COVID Portal – Support Portal for Reopening Businesses

The GoBusiness COVID Portal was jointly developed by GovTech and the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) to support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. It allows businesses to apply for exemptions and permissions while providing them with information on the latest COVID-19 related regulations and safe management requirements for the continuation of their operations.

Last updated 04 March 2021