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SPOTON - Smart Thermal Scanning

As part of Singapore’s COVID-19 measures, visitors’ temperatures are screened before they can enter most locations across the island. This process can sometimes prove to be problematic in areas with high traffic, as malls or stores may not be equipped with the manpower or infrastructure to handle mass temperature-takings.

SPOTON is a smart thermal scanner that was created by GovTech’s Smart Nation Platform Solutions (SNPS) team as a solution to these problems. With SPOTON, fast crowd temperature screening is enabled by detecting and alerting operators to individuals with high temperatures. This minimises physical contact and time spent on manual temperature checks.

For more information on SPOTON and its approved distributors, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, visit https://www.developer.gov.sg/technologies/sensor-platforms-and-internet-of-things/spoton.


Last updated 17 September 2020.