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SupplyAlly - Distribution Made Simple

Developed by GovTech, SupplyAlly is a mobile app that facilitates the process of logistics distribution during COVID-19.

During this period, distributing supplies to the entire population meant that the coordination of manpower had to take place on a nation-wide scale, with each item—and its recipient—accounted for. When the urgent need arose for reusable face masks to be distributed to residents across Singapore, GovTech’s Government Digital Services team was able to develop SupplyAlly, a mobile app that facilitates these processes, within a short span of four days. The app serves as a single solution for both the management of a flexible pool of supply-distributing volunteers, as well as the tracking of collection quotas.

A screenshot of the SupplyAlly app's registration page
SupplyAlly allows quick volunteer registration via QR codes

How does SupplyAlly work?

Seamless registration - SupplyAlly removes the hassle of requiring volunteers to sign up with personal details. Instead, volunteers are issued a QR code to be scanned using the app on their own device, after which they are authorised to use the app with no further details required. The QR codes are then permanently affiliated with the user’s device, meaning that they cannot be used for unauthorised logins even if someone else obtains them.

Secure transaction of supplies - Using the app, volunteers can scan the identity cards of residents to verify their eligibility and log the successful distribution of the item. No personally identifiable information is ever stored, only a time-stamped digital signature that prevents the same barcode from being used for a duplicate collection.

Supports various redemption methods - SupplyAlly allows for the redemption of items not just by selected individuals, but also by selected households. This means that an individual can collect items on behalf of their household if they are eligible. Items distributed to beneficiaries are also trackable.

Multipurpose utility - SupplyAlly can be used for a variety of distribution purposes.

  • Support for various environments - The app serves as a one-stop solution that connects to multiple environments for different policies and distribution initiatives. The same application can support all of these at the same time, cutting out logistical issues and freeing up volunteers to focus on distribution.
  • Development agility - This widespread applicability is bolstered by the app’s development agility—thanks to over-the-air updates and Continuous Integration (CI) setups, the team can push fully developed features from the development environment to users’ devices within half an hour. This drastically cuts turnaround time and allows the app to keep pace with any new initiatives being rolled out.

Built to handle volume - The app’s lightweight build and minimal integrations allows it to process transactions with great speed - up to 4,500 transactions per second, with a 50-millisecond response latency.

A screenshot of the SupplyAlly app's main page, used to scan NRICs
Volunteers can scan residents’ identification cards to quickly verify the transaction

Since its launch on 5 April 2020, SupplyAlly has facilitated the management of hundreds of volunteers and the distribution of 4.2 million reusable masks. It has also been used in partnership with the non-profit Engineering Good to provide refurbished laptops to under-privileged children for home-based learning programmes. Over $20 million in physical credit vouchers for low-income households have also been delivered through the app.

SupplyAlly is also being used to distribute TraceTogether Tokens and will continue to be used in partnership with charities for the allocation of food packs and meal credit redemptions.

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Last updated 01 February 2021

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