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The Smart Nation Sensor Platform (SNSP) is a Strategic National Project that provides whole-of-government products and services. These services allow agencies to collect, share and analyse sensor data, as well as manage IoT and robotics systems.

Asynchronous Data Exchange

Asynchronous Data Exchange is a centralised platform that distributes real-time data across Whole-of-Government. It provides seamless and secure data sharing and management, and encompasses public, private, and industrial internet-of-things.

Digital Operations Smart Services (DOSS) – An Operations Management Platform for Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotics

DOSS is an operations management platform that can integrate into different systems to enable next-generation digital operations.


The Lamppost-as-a-Platform (LaaP) project trials the effectiveness of lampposts as a key sensor infrastructure.

Personal Alert Button (PAB) on Government Assisted Living Ecosystem (GALE)

PAB is an alert device for seniors in distress to reach out to senior activity centres or senior telecare call centres for help.


SenseOps is a visualisation and dashboarding tool that provides situational awareness - using the relevant data - to support agencies’ safe distancing operations on the ground.

Sensor Asset Management

The Sensor Asset Management (SAM) is a web-based portal that provides a holistic overview of the sensor landscape in Singapore on a real-time 3D map

SIOT Tech Stack

SIOT Tech Stack allows agencies to tap on a suite of tools and services hosted on a common infrastructure to ensure consistency, security and high quality of their applications.

SPOTON – A Smart Thermal Scanner for Crowd Temperature Screening

SPOTON is a smart thermal scanner that enables faster crowd temperature screening. Find out more.

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Last updated 26 January 2021