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The Personal Alert Button (PAB) is an alert device that is currently ongoing deployment for 53 rental blocks in Singapore. The devices are installed within the senior’s household. When a distress senior triggers the alert device, it will route an alert to the senior activity centre (SAC) during office hours or to a 24/7 senior telecare call centre for triaging.

There are currently 10,000 seniors onboarded on GALE, as of 1st April 2021.


  • Active Monitoring device: Personal Alert Button (PAB) with telephone services.
  • Device Management Service (DECADA)
  • Case Management System to handle senior cases on the ground (CMS)
  • Crowd sourcing responder mobile application (ResponderSG)

Workflow of PAB when activated, showcasing the process of activation, triaging and response to a senior’s distress call

Key Benefits

  • Safety net for seniors: Provide round the clock monitoring and assistance for seniors.
  • Optimised for efficient use: PAB’s connectivity to the cloud allows for all devices to be managed centrally, and for all alerts to be routed to a team that can triage the situation.

Upcoming Plans

Roadmap of GALE (FY21 - FY23)

  • Passive monitoring system for fall detection, heart/breathing rate, sleep apnea using non-camera solution
  • Migration of CMS to GatherSG
  • Tele-health solutions for seniors to gain easier access to medical doctors.

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Last updated 05 June 2021

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