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What is SenseOps?

The developing COVID-19 situation has necessitated the implementation of safe distancing measures.

Currently, enforcement officers and safe distancing ambassadors are deployed island-wide on a daily basis to ensure that safe distancing measures are observed. With many agencies involved in these efforts, cross-agency sharing of information is vital for the planning, coordination and reporting of their safe distancing operations.

To address these needs and enhance the efficiency of safe distancing operations, we developed the SenseOps dashboard. SenseOps is a visualisation and dashboarding tool that provides situational awareness - using the relevant data - to support agencies’ safe distancing operations on the ground.

What are the features available?

  • All your data on one platform: SenseOps dashboard pulls in relevant and real-time data from different sources, and integrates it into a single platform for easy visualisation. Data include safe distancing cases and crowd population.

  • Separate map and dashboard layers: SenseOps features both map and dashboard layers, each of which offers different information and capabilities for agencies. For example, the map layer allows agencies to visualise hotspots, while the dashboard layer summarises trends in safe distancing cases over time.

What are some use cases of SenseOps?

Planning and deployment for agencies

  • Plan the deployment of officers and ambassadors on the ground based on hotspots.

  • Calibrate enforcement strategies based on past trends for more targeted enforcement.


  • Agencies can use automated reports with built-in charts and graphs, reducing time and effort on consolidating information.

  • Agencies can also employ metrics of interest to help senior management grasp complex situations quickly, aiding in their decision making.

What are some upcoming plans for SenseOps?

We are currently working on expanding SenseOps’ features and data sources to support a wider range of agency use cases.

How can I get started?

Government agencies interested in finding out more about the SenseOps dashboard are welcome to contact us at

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Last updated 30 June 2021