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What is Sensesurround?

Sensesurround is a command and control (C2) platform that translates real-time sensor data into a searchable, actionable 3D digital world. 

What are the features available?

  • Real-time digital environment - By ingesting and fusing different spatial-temporal datasets, Sensesurround is able to present a real-time 3D digital environment that reflects what is happening in Singapore at any time and location.

  • Search by parameters - Search this 3D environment by dataset, data type, location or other parameters to gain new insights for planning and operations.

  • Optimised for efficient use - Sensesurround streamlines processes and optimises efficiency, with automated workflows for notification and actuation.

With a real-time 360ยบ view of Singapore that allows operators to act in real-time, Sensesurround represents the future of digital operations.

What sub-products does it have?

Sensesurround consists of several sub-products that provide different capabilities and services to government agencies, the private sector and citizens:

The Sensor Asset Management (SAM) is a web-based portal for registering and sharing sensor and robotic assets, providing a holistic overview of the sensor landscape in Singapore on a real-time 3D map.

Developed using Sensesurround technology, SENSEOPS is an operations map and dashboard for COVID-19. SENSEOPS, which features both map and dashboard layers, was designed to help enhance situational awareness and operational efficiency to aid agencies in their COVID-19 efforts.

How can I get started?

GovTech is currently working with government agencies to use SAM and SENSEOPS for their operational needs. To work with us, contact

Last updated 11 November 2020