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Sensor Data Exchange (SDX)


SDX is part of Smart Nation Sensor Platform (SNSP), a Strategic National Project. It is a centralised platform that distributes sensor data across Whole-of-Government (WOG). It provides seamless and secure data sharing and management, and encompasses public, private, and industrial internet-of-things.

SDX enables government agencies to:

  • Publish and subscribe (near) real-time sensor data using a self-service portal both government intranet and government commercial cloud.

  • Share unclassified (potentially up to restricted) sensor data with government sector organisations

An illustration of the components of SDX and its ability to distribute sensor data across networks:

How SDX works


  • Sensor marketplace: Publish and subscribe to data across government agencies for comprehensive insights

  • Support multiple protocols: MQTT, AMQP, REST, and so on

  • Data transfer in real-time: Enable sensor data to be distributed across government agencies in real-time for timely responses and predictive analytics

  • Data sharing across network zones: Secure cross-zone data exchange across internet, intranet, and private networks

  • Self-service portal: Along with workflow engine

  • Data sharing and ingestion on internet

Key benefits

  • Exchange as a service

    • Subscription based

    • No heavy investment in infrastructure

    • Manage core infrastructure and MPLS circuit to the perimeter of agency network

  • Robust architecture for smart systems

    • Versatile in supporting event-driven distributed data and unpredictable workload

    • Ability to abstract and distribute data

    • Manage technical complexity of cross zone integration and protocol translation

  • Spur innovation

    • Ease to equip data scientist with data that is not readily available in their agency

    • Create a culture of sharing for innovation to flourish

Upcoming plans

upcoming plans

Get Started

Administrative access to SDX is available here.

To find out more about SDX or the onboarding process, contact

Last updated 26 January 2021