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What is is a one-stop portal for government agencies, the private industry and citizens to access various Smart Nation Sensor Platform (SNSP) products and services. It also provides information on how agencies are utilising sensors in their operations.

The Smart Nation Sensor Platform (SNSP) is a Strategic National Project that provides whole-of-government products and services. These services allow agencies to collect, share and analyse sensor data, and manage IoT and robotics systems.

SNSP aims to develop a 360° real-time view of Singapore with spatial-temporal sensor data. With these additional insights, government agencies, industries and citizens can make data-driven decisions to improve quality of life. SNSP collects 360° sensor data from both static and mobile sensor platforms as well as data exchange platforms.

SNSP gives you the tools to visualise and act on sensor data in a searchable 3D virtual environment, bridging the cyber-physical worlds for real-time situational awareness and action. For more information on SNSP’s platforms and services, visit the links below.

What are the features available?

  • Centralised portal: On this portal, users like yourself can access the capabilities of the different SNSP platforms. These capabilities include: locating, publishing and subscribing to sensor data and managing sensor assets in 3D.

  • Access whole-of-government sensor information: You can share and find relevant information on how agencies are using sensors in their operations.

How can I get started?

The portal is currently in development. For more information on SNSP, contact

Last updated 26 January 2021