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What is SPOT?

SPOT is a four-legged robot built by Boston Dynamics, and the first robotic platform we are developing DOSS software capabilities on. As one of the nimblest and most robust robots in the market, SPOT is capable of carrying out missions in diverse indoor and outdoor environments, including uneven terrains.

DOSS allows SPOT to be piloted remotely and autonomously, with customised sensor payloads to meet diverse operational needs.

What are some of its hardware features?

  • Customisable payloads: SPOT has payload ports to carry customised sensor payloads of up to 15 kg.

  • 360° vision: SPOT’s inbuilt cameras give it 360° vision.

  • All-terrain navigation: SPOT is equipped with obstacle avoidance algorithms and self-right ability. As a four-legged robot, it navigates uneven terrains and climbs stairs with ease, going where wheeled robots cannot.

What are some of its software features?

  • Real-time analytics: Customised sensor payloads can be mounted on SPOT, enhanced with video stream analytics and other deep learning-enabled capabilities developed by DOSS. These include:

    • Thermal sensing with human face detection

    • Safe-distancing measurements (distance between two people)

    • People counting

    • Face mask detection

  • Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) control: BVLOS control allows SPOT to be piloted remotely anywhere over a 4G or 5G connection.

  • Robotics autonomy: DOSS is currently developing large-scale outdoor autonomy for robots, with SPOT as its first robotic platform. Autonomous navigation and operations will enhance remote operational capacity and efficiency.

Our team uses machine learning (and especially deep learning) models and techniques like computer vision, SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping) and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) in autonomy development.

  • ‘Follow-me’ and Flock control: These features enable SPOT to work together with human operators and other robots.

Read more about DOSS here.

What are some use cases of SPOT?

GovTech has been working with government agencies to trial and deploy SPOT in diverse settings, including:

  • Construction and other industrial sites

  • Community isolation facilities

  • Structurally unsound buildings

  • Parks

  • Unstructured outdoor environments

SPOT has been tested/used for:

How can I get started?

We are currently developing and testing SPOT together with other government agencies to meet their various operational needs. To work with us, contact

Last updated 22 January 2021