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Here's how you can help the Singapore Government in its digital efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Government has progressively built up the digital infrastructure and engineering capabilities as the foundation of our Smart Nation. This has enabled us to respond decisively and swiftly to the COVID-19 outbreak with a suite of digital tools to help disseminate timely and accurate information to Singaporeans and to enable our public agencies to better manage the crisis.

Refer below for more details about some products we’ve developed thus far, and the volunteering opportunities in which you can lend a helping hand.

Clinical Case Reporting (MOH)

Compile confirmed case updates from all hospitals, update master list and generate figures for reporting.

Contact Tracing app development

If you would like to contribute, please fill out this 2-minute form:


System for digital medical certificates to replace paper MCs.


Form builder for government officials to build secure digital forms in minutes.

An official link shortener that adds legitimacy to content shared by government officials.


A location reporting system for those on stay home notice or home quarantine.

LTE CAT M1 Development and VoLTE over LTE CAT-M1

To create a device that allows for Voice over LTE using LTE CAT-M1 technology, for seniors to make phone calls.


A portal to verify government-issued documents and credentials that are compatible with OpenCerts format.


A simple mass messaging system for a government officer to send messages to a large list of recipients at once.


Simple electronic voucher/ticket creation and redemption system.


SafeEntry is a national digital check-in system that is used to augment existing contact tracing efforts.


System for people to report scams/spam/fake news.


Official government ID in a mobile app that lets you quickly check into your visited locations and verify your travel history & quarantine status.

VICA (Virtual Intelligent Citizen Assistant)

VICA is GovTech’s next-generation Chatbot/Virtual Assistant/Conversation AI platform.

Other volunteering opportunities

If you would like to volunteer outside of the projects listed above, please fill in this form here.

Stay up to date

STACK-X: Meetup is a platform for the tech community to join GovTech to discuss trending topics such as Cloud Architecture, Agile and Machine Learning and now, using tech to fight COVID-19. Join our page to stay updated on upcoming STACK-X: Meetups:

COVID-19 Idea Sprint

Thank you to all who participated in the COVID-19 Idea Sprint to build and ideate solutions for COVID-19 challenges across Singapore. While the Idea Sprint has now concluded, you can check out the recording of Demo Day (Saturday, 23 May) here and all the submissions on the COVID-19 Idea Sprint page.

Last updated 08 April 2021