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DigiMC is part of the Singapore government’s digital efforts in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. By making use of digital infrastructure and systems, DigiMC endorses safe distancing measures by allowing teleconsultations. DigiMC has been made available to all SingHealth institutions since early 2020.

What is DigiMC?

DigiMC is a digital MC system that allows patients to receive a unique, online link to an official MC hosted at in place of physical paper MCs. This eases the process of having to submit physical MCs as well as addresses the various inconveniences that physical documents bring about such as the risk of misplacing it.

Fig 1: Overview of a DigiMC
Fig 1: Overview of a DigiMC

Why Should DigiMC be Adopted?

Apart from the convenience that a paperless MC can bring about, DigiMC has additional benefits as well.

For one, DigiMC is an enabler for teleconsultations which is a crucial tool for health systems given that clinic and hospitals are moving towards virtual consultations to reduce the need for physical visits. As we continue to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, this helps to minimise the risk of virus transmission.

A central DigiMC system can also provide a simple way to monitor the overall population’s health. Dashboards and alerts can be set up to track flu, fever, cough, cold trends and highlight specific health trends. If social distancing measures are working, a general downwards trend in the spread of general illnesses and COVID cases will be observed as well.

How Do You Use DigiMC?

DigiMC is simple to use and its usage consists of only three simple steps.

Step 1: Your doctor will issue a digital MC to you.

Step 2: You will receive an SMS containing an URL to the digital MC. All you have to do after is key in your date of birth (DOB) to do a one-time unlock on the URL.

Step 3: With the URL, you can now forward the link to your Employer or Company HR department for the necessary verification. If your employer has any queries, you can direct them to our Employer FAQ section.

Success Stories

DigiMC has been implemented and is supported by selected clinics at numerous institutions thus far. Some of these institutions include Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and Changi General Hospital (CGH).

From April to July 2019, DigiMC conducted a pilot on 179 patients. 95% of these patients subsequently agreed that they were satisfied with using DigiMC, citing reasons such as:

  • Being able to submit their MC to more than one person simultaneously.
  • Not having to worry that they might forget to bring a physical MC to work.
  • Not having to worry about losing a physical MC as there is an online link available.

Having the flexibility to send the MC immediately after a doctor’s visit to HR/their supervisor.

What’s Next?

As Singapore progressively develops digital systems and capabilities as part of nationwide efforts to become a Smart Nation, we are looking for individuals who are keen to volunteer as software developers to help combat COVID-19 through digital solutions. Some ways in which volunteers can help to improve DigiMC include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) expertise to parse the free text diagnosis field and generate useful high-level classifications.
  • Dashboard and data visualisation development to present the MC data (e.g. geolocation data to identify clusters).

If you are interested, fill up this form for the consideration of the DigiMC team.

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Last updated 26 July 2021

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