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What it is

  • Digital MC system. Instead of paper, patients receive a link to an official MC hosted at mc.gov.sg.

Why it’s useful

  • Enabler for teleconsultations - clinics/hospitals are moving towards virtual consultations to reduce the need for physical visits.

  • If our social distancing measures are working, then in addition to COVID cases we should be seeing a general downwards trend in normal illness spread as well. A central digital MC system provides a simple way to monitor the overall population’s health. Dashboards and alerts can be set up to track flu/fever/cough/cold trends and highlight specific patterns.

How you can help

  • AI/ML help to parse free text diagnosis field and generate useful high level classifications

  • Dashboard and data visualisation development to use present the MC data (e.g. geolocation data to identify clusters)

If you are interested, please indicate the project name in the survey here.

Last updated 08 April 2021