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What it is

  • Form builder for government officials to build secure digital forms in minutes. Easy to use like Google Forms, but uses end-to-end encryption so that only officials creating the form can access the data.

Why it’s useful

  • Allows officials to set up digital services super quickly. Thousands of services were deployed in days to aid the fight against COVID-19, such as temperature taking forms, visitor declarations, contact tracing interviews, traveller approvals, assistance for returning Singaporeans and more. These services have collected data from more than a million people.

How you can help

  • Feature development such as forms with verified phone numbers, webhook integration, geolocation field, etc

  • Frontend framework refactoring and cleanup (Angular1 specifically).

  • Security reviewing our codebase as we’re working towards open-sourcing this.

If you are interested, please indicate the project name in the survey here.

Last updated 08 April 2021

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