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What it is

  • go.gov.sg is an official link shortener that adds legitimacy to content shared by government officials.

Why it’s useful

  • Allows officials to share .gov.sg links in minutes. Social media posts, YouTube videos, digital services, articles and even PDF documents on COVID-19 can be authoritatively shared as gov.sg links. Over 20k COVID-19 related links have been shortened and clicked more than 10 million times.

How you can help

  • Shorten to .gov.sg via API on top of how it is done through the user interface today

  • A tool for government officials to share files, documents and notices with end-to-end encryption

  • go.gov.sg has been open-sourced! You can also contribute to the Github repo here.

If you are interested, please indicate the project name in the survey here.

Last updated 08 April 2021

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