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What it is

  • Homer is a location reporting system for those on Stay-Home Notice or home quarantine. The app periodically pings people throughout the day with a custom URL to ask them to share their location, collects this data on the backend and presents this information to enforcement agencies to know where to focus their manual checks. Also working on a native app to allow for auto-reporting.

Why it’s useful

  • As the number of people on Stay-Home Notice, leave of absence, and quarantine increases, manual enforcement across the board is no longer viable. A broad-based system for periodic check-ins works in tandem with manual check-ins to allow for scalable focused enforcement. This alleviates load on enforcement operations and deters SHN/LOA/quarantine violations.

How you can help

  • AI/ML to detect anomalies and GPS spoofing to flag out key cases

  • Native mobile app development

  • Dashboard and data visualisation development for enforcement officers

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Last updated 08 April 2021