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27 Apr 2023
STACK Meetup
10 Pasir Panjang Rd, Level 10

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With the growing sophistication of cyber-attacks, increased government scrutiny on technology companies, and growing societal concerns about the use and abuse of personal data, privacy-preserving technologies (PP-Tech) are seen as a key enabler to build trust in Digital Government.

This Meetup is an exciting opportunity to learn about the emerging field of PP-Tech, discover practical implementations of privacy tools and technologies, and explore collaborations to unlock the potential of data.

Who should attend: Data practitioners who are interested to learn about and ride on privacy-preserving technologies. Levelling: Open to all.

Programme rundown

7:00pm - Introduction

By: Dr Ghim-Eng Yap, Director, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Division (DSAID), GovTech

By: Syahri Ikram, Data Engineer, DSAID, GovTech

By: Anshu Singh, Research Engineer, DSAID, GovTech

8:10pm - Open Discussion

8:30pm - End of Meetup

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