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12 May 2022
STACK Meetup
10 Pasir Panjang Rd

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With the sheer number of grants offered by various government agencies across different platforms, it may be challenging for applicants to discover and apply for suitable grants. Additionally, grant processes are often largely manual for both grant applicants and administrators, leading to longer lead times in approving much-needed grants.

In this Tech for Public Good-themed Meetup, our speakers will share about designing the Singapore Government’s grant administration ecosystem, which consists of OurSG Grants (OSG) Portal, the Business Grants Portal (BGP) , and the Fraud Detection Platform (FDP). The tripartite approach of OSG, BGP, and FDP facilitates a greatly improved application and administration process for Government assistance to harmonise and streamline the grant journey as well as provide enhanced grant governance.

The session will discuss and demo a backend module which was built to ensure that agencies can set up grants on the portals with minimal development effort to scale the onboarding process. The team will also talk about continually enhancing support for businesses and citizens, including the unexpected operation challenges during COVID-19.

In line with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives, GovTech partnered the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and its agencies to develop the OSG Portal, and the Ministry of Trade & Industry’s (MTI) Grant Management Office for BGP. For additional security, FDP, which was developed by GovTech in collaboration with MTI, was also integrated into the portals.

Programme Rundown

7:00pm: Welcome

By Chan Cheow Hoe, Government Chief Digital Technology Officer

By Keith Choo, Associate Quality Engineer, Government Digital Services, GovTech

8:00pm: Combined Q&A

8:30pm: End of Meetup


Shaina is a UX Designer from the Government Digital Services division of GovTech. Along with a team of designers, she designs the end to end workflows for various agencies on OurSG Grants portal, ensuring that processes and features are built are intuitive and scalable for the platform

Keith is a Quality Engineer from the Government Digital Services division of GovTech. As a member of OurSG Grants portal team, he provides oversight to the quality of the features delivered for the system, giving the end-users a more seamless and positive user experience.

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