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11 May 2023
STACK Meetup
10 Pasir Panjang Rd, Level 10

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Zero trust is a framework covering security solutions and practices. In recent years, it has been gaining popularity within the industry. However, successful implementation requires mindset shifts and a data-centric approach as opposed to a traditional perimeter-based defence strategy.

This Meetup covers learnings from GovTech’s Cyber Security team’s Government’s Zero Trust Architecture (GovZTA) programme. Topics include our Zero Trust journey, security tools for the Government on Commercial Cloud and, concepts for security and user experience.

Who should attend: All professionals involved in cybersecurity projects; Levelling: Open to all

Programme rundown

7:00pm - Introduction

By: Chin Loon, Senior Director, Cyber Security Group, GovTech

By: Bernard Tan, Director, Cyber Security Group, GovTech

By: James Chua, Assistant Director, Government Cybersecurity Consulting, GovTech

By: Desmond Cher, Senior Cybersecurity Engineer, Government Cybersecurity Consulting, GovTech

8:20pm - Open Discussion

8:30pm - End of Meetup

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