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Conceived in 2019, GovTech's STACK community brings together like-minded individuals who share a passion for driving Tech for Public Good in innovative ways.

Community members are encouraged to share knowledge, cross-learn, and network with peers and subject matter experts through events such as our flagship STACK Conferences which occurs every 2 years (upcoming in 2024), our monthly STACK Meetups which allows more close-knit dicussions on all things tech, and our newly launched STACK Mini Conference which will an annual affair focused on a singular, key topic.

Learn about our journey here or ride on our community starter resources to kickstart your community engagement plans.

Join the our STACK Meetup Community and Telegram group to stay updated on our STACK community events.

About GovTech

GovTech spearheads Singapore’s digital government transformation and is a key contributor to the Smart Nation vision. We currently boost a headcount of over 3,000 and consistently recruit the best talent to contribute to the development of Singapore’s digital government services. Our work can be categorised into three main areas: products, services and cybersecurity & governance. Find out more about us here.

Last updated 28 February 2023

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