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GovText is a comprehensive Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based text analytics platform with an intuitive user interface. Developed by GovTech’s Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Division (DSAID), the platform aims to help public officers analyse their textual data efficiently.

GovText uses NLP techniques to automatically analyse unstructured text data and produce results that can help users better understand the contents. GovText is designed to be dataset-centric, and the same dataset can be used for multiple analyses. Users just need to upload their datasets first, before using GovText for analysis.

GovText is offered as a web portal tool and as a model-hosting platform.

The GovText Web Portal service was first launched for public officers in May 2021. Hosted on the Government on Commercial Cloud (GCC), the GovText Web Portal service currently has two text analytics tools that public officers can use:

  • Topic Modelling, and
  • Summarisation

Besides providing text analytics tools in the web portal, GovText also serves as a model-hosting platform that also provides text analytics services via APIs for government agencies

The GovText Model-hosting Platform currently focuses on Quality Service Management (QSM)-related use cases, but it can be extended to other areas too. The GovText API services used by client systems, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, help to reduce manual work and improve QSM efficiency. The platform develops and hosts a variety of customised AI models for improving the efficiency and operation of customer service and feedback management.

The GovText team is planning to expand the platform with new features, including more text analytics tools in future.

GovText is part of the Service layer of the Singapore Government Tech Stack.

Key Features

The GovText Web Portal service currently offers the following features to analyse your textual data:

  • Topic Modelling with interactive presentation of results
  • Text Summarization

The GovText Model-hosting Platform, supported by the GovText team, addresses agencies’ needs through collaboration on operational use cases and model adaptation. It offers the following features:

  • Development, deployment, and hosting of customised AI models
  • Prediction of use case results by customised AI models

Use Cases

GovText Web Portal

Public officers can use Topic Modelling to process data from surveys or feedback forms in order to better understand the key topics and findings from such surveys and feedback forms. Summarisation can be used to shorten news articles to speed up reading.

GovText Model-hosting Platform

A flagship use case is the Municipal Services Office (MSO) Chatbot, where the text classifier – predicting the feedback case category and the responding agency – and the key information extractor that extracts key feedback case details, were built and hosted by GovText. More details of this use case can be found in this article.

GovText users can look forward to new transcript editing and speaker diarisation functions soon.


Currently, the GovText Web Portal service is free for public officers until further notice. In future, the service might be chargeable on a cost-recovery basis.

The GovText Model-hosting Platform service is delivered collaboratively for public agencies and Government central products on a cost-recovery basis.


The full FAQ for the GovText web portal is located here.

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Last updated 09 May 2023

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