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APEX Marketplace is a WOG storefront where all APIs can be curated and centralised, instantly adopted to accelerate government agencies’ digital business.

APEX Marketplace acts as a management plane for APIs. This means that government agencies can easily publish their APIs on APEX Marketplace without the need to change any existing architecture. Developers can discover and subscribe to the APIs agencies publish on the marketplace.

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How It Works

APEX Marketplace connects directly to each government agency’s API Gateway to discover the APIs available.

Once the APIs are discovered, the government agency can use APEX Marketplace to select which APIs to publish. They can also upload documentation related to their APIs so that developers can learn about them.

Developers using the marketplace will be able to search and find APIs as well as to request access through the marketplace. They will also be able to rotate their keys. After access is granted, the actual API traffic still goes directly through the agency’s API gateway.

Key Benefits

APEX Marketplace allows government agencies to reach out to developers without maintaining their own developers’ portal.

Agency developers will also be able to see all their APIs in one single location.

APEX Marketplace also takes care of the credentials of the agencies’ developers, their API keys and even the key rotations.

The aim of APEX Marketplace is to be the marketplace for all the APIs available in whole-of-government. With that, there will be a network effect when developers discover new APIs. Both agency and customer can see the reports and analytics of the traffic that the API generates.


APEX Marketplace is free to use at the moment but only available to pilot agencies.

Getting Started

APEX Marketplace is currently looking for government agencies that are interested in piloting with them. The first few agencies to collaborate with APEX Marketplace will be entitled to benefits and concessions.

Contact Us

Reach out to the product team with your queries or feedback through this form.

Last updated 25 April 2024

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