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The IRAS API Marketplace offers tax-related APIs and Q&As for developers. It also functions as a community platform for developers to co-create with IRAS to develop innovative solutions for taxpayers. The platform allows product managers and developers to explore and discover API Products that could help create new features and capabilities in their product offerings.

What is the IRAS API Marketplace?

The IRAS API Marketplace is a one-stop collaborative platform that offers developers the opportunity to create seamless filing experiences for taxpayers, tax agents and tax-related service providers. By integrating with IRAS APIs through software like accounting and payroll, taxpayers can conveniently meet regulatory requirements and fulfil tax obligations easily and securely.

Several key API initiatives are available at the API Marketplace, including:

  • Check GST Register for the status of GST-registered businesses
  • Stamp Duty Calculator
  • AIS Organisation Search
  • Submission of Commission Records
  • Submission of Employment Income Records
  • Submission of GST Returns (GST F5, F8 and F7)
  • Submission of Corporate Tax Records (Form C-S and Pre-Fill)
  • Submission of Tax Clearance for Foreign Employees (Form IR21)

For more information on the IRAS API Marketplace, click here.

Why Should the IRAS API Marketplace be Adopted?

IRAS embarked on the API journey since 2018 to build products that leverage APIs so that software developers can enrich the tax experience between taxpayers and IRAS as a regulatory authority. With IRAS APIs, taxpayers can transmit filing data from their existing software directly to IRAS servers and receive immediate feedback through the API on the validation or processing status of the submission. This significantly reduces submission errors, improves data accuracy and enriches the overall experience of fulfilling tax obligations more conveniently.

IRAS submission-based APIs leverage Corppass to ensure that the tax data is submitted by the authorised person. Using Corppass, the authorised Corppass user assigned by the business entity is required to log into Corppass and provide consent to the software to transmit on their behalf to IRAS. The Corppass API is readily available for Software Developers to integrate with, so that the transmission of tax data to IRAS is more secure.

In general, Software Developers can integrate and consume various API Products into their software and create new product offerings that would make their software more attractive and competitive in the market. Putting together the relevant APIs together could turn your software into a one-stop accounting or payroll solution.

How Do You Use the IRAS API Marketplace?

Software Developers can browse the catalogue of APIs offered at the API Marketplace and discover the right APIs that aligns with their business here. The platform provides self-service facilities to create your own account and subscriptions.

A Sandbox environment is also provided for Software Developers to test and validate their API integration through their software before moving to Production. For APIs that require Corppass Authentication, refer to the Corppass and Callback URL Guide here.

To gain access to IRAS API Marketplace, sign up as a developer here.

To participate in our key API Initiatives, submit your interest here.

What’s Next?

IRAS is looking for partners to co-create new “Service Enabler” APIs such as “Filing Due Dates” and “Outstanding Balances” that would help value-add to accounting software. See the “Future Collaboration” space in the API Roadmap 2.0 (shown below) and get in touch.

Come 2022, the E-Stamping and Donation APIs will be made available for Software Developers to integrate.

Fig 1: IRAS API Roadmap 2.0
Fig 1: IRAS API Roadmap 2.0

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Last updated 11 August 2022

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