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Verify enables users to perform face-to-face identity verification and secure transfer of personal information through scanning of QR codes with their Singpass app.

Verify is part of Singapore’s National Digital Identity (NDI) initiative that provides a common and universal trust framework for the public and private sectors to leverage and build value-added services.

What is Verify?

Verify is a service that allows Singapore citizens and residents to perform face-to-face identity verification and secure transfer of personal information through scanning of QR codes with their Singpass app.

It provides businesses and organisations with an easy and secure digital alternative for visitor registration and access, customer acquisition at roadshows, or other use cases that require in-person verification of the customer’s identity. Verify allows contactless transactions without the need for individuals to present or hand over their identity documents.

Why Should Verify be Adopted?

Verify is currently used for new patient registration at polyclinics, age verification when purchasing alcohol at vending machines, and registration for building entry, donations, and car test drives. Businesses that have face-to-face registration processes, such as real estate companies and training providers have also expressed interest to use Verify.

The main benefits of Verify are:

  • Convenience: Users no longer have to go through arduous registrations that might involve filling in lengthy forms and providing many documents.
  • Security: Verify aligns with the Personal Data Protection Commission’s (PDPC) NRIC Advisory Guidelines. With Verify, agencies and businesses can verify identities without collecting or retaining physical NRICs, FIN cards and NRIC/FIN numbers.

How Do You Use Verify?

For end-users: Verify is recommended as an alternative means to perform in-person identity verification. Users simply scan the QR code provided by agencies or businesses using their Singpass app when on-site and consents to have his basic personal details used in the transaction.

For the public and private sectors: The following steps are required to onboard and integrate Verify into a digital service:

  • Product/business owners can refer to the guidelines here.
  • Developers can refer to the technical guidelines here and follow the steps listed in the tutorials.
  • Once the product owner has crafted the user journey, they can log in at this link to submit a linkup request for approval.
  • Once the linkup request is approved, the product owner can follow up with the subsequent steps to agree to the Terms and Agreement and complete the app configuration.

Success Stories

SingHealth Polyclinics use Verify for new patient registration. Compared to traditional registration methods, Verify halved the processing time to register a new patient, from an average of 6 minutes to 3 minutes. This reduced crowding at clinic registration counters.

What’s Next?

Verify is expected to be adopted by more organisations to facilitate contactless in-person registration and identity verification of customers and visitors.

Find out more about Verify here.

Contact Information

For business enquiries, email

For technical enquiries, email


Last updated 25 April 2022

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