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Government Assisted Living Ecosystem (GALE) consists of technology and care layers - i) hardware IoT button, the Personal Alert Button (PAB) ii) Case Management System (CMS) and iii) 24 x 7 telecare operators and SAC staff.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team behind GALE CMS was able to quickly leveraged on the existing infrastructure to churn out multiple tracks to support agencies in their newly formed COVID operations to ensure inclusivity and no one is left behind.

Elderly Engagement Track

When the nationwide Circuit Breaker (CB) was enforced in responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, elderly were severely impacted, especially those living alone, with poor family support and mobility issues.

GALE CMS was enhanced with a new sub-system to facilitate the outreach of elderly by Silver Generation Office (SGO) and their volunteers to proactively check on 100,000 elderly’s well-being and offer assistance whilst concurrently surfacing cases that needed follow ups.

Rental Tenants Outreach

GALE CMS was further enhanced with another new sub-system targeting at outreach of rental tenants. To ensure that the underprivileged group such as those living in rental housing were not left behind, MSF formed a similar outreach operation, tapping on PA and their recruited volunteers to proactively check on 35,000 rental tenants well-being and offer assistance, so that they do not fall into deeper difficulties. The assistance rendered ranges from food, mental health, employment, finances and other needs. Cases that required assistance are referred to WSG, SSO, FSC and AIC to follow-up.

Grocery Voucher Appeal and Reissue Operations

GALE CMS further extended to support MOF, PA and its partners to handle appeal or re-issue requests of the Grocery Vouchers to support the lower income family. The aim is to reduce the financial impact of COVID-19 to the vulnerable and underprivileged groups.

Elderly Vaccination Engagement Track

GALE CMS was further enhanced with another new sub-system to enable SGO and their volunteers to engage elderly through various channels e.g. House Visits, video conference to educate and encourage elderly to be vaccinated.

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Last updated 24 February 2022

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